Asking for What We Need

Speaking our truth, dealing with bullies, confronting those who seek to do harm ... and sometimes simply getting through the day can be stress-filled and alarming. This prayer asks for strength, and for holy reminders that God is with us.

All Will Be Well

With You beside me, O Beloved, I will not be afraid.

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A Prayer for
Holy Courage

I Shall Pray

inspired by Psalm 27

The Beloved will light my way,
and is doing so — right this instant;
I only have to trust,
to have faith,
to believe:
God is with me always
I have nothing to fear.

When evildoers
attack me
with sharp words,
hurtful lies,
and hateful accusations
I will be strong.

Though they try
to tear me down,
undermine my confidence,
erode my spirit,
and weaken my resolve,
I will stand firm.

My constant prayer —
the only thing I truly desire —
is the Sustaining Knowledge;
a joy beyond all telling:
God’s love and mercy,
compassion and grace
abiding in my soul.

For that divine Love
holds the cure for every ill:
a light in the darkness,
a home for the lost,
healing to the ill,
sight to the blind,
hope for the hopeless,
friendship for the lonely,
and forgiveness
that cleanses
and restores wholeness
to what was broken.

So, no matter
how bad it gets —
how stoney the path,
how high the mountain,
how deep the valley,
how rocky the journey,
I will be ok

as long as I
can see Your face,
O Beloved
Companion of my soul.

For with You by my side
I am not afraid;
I hold my head up
proudly —
for I am Your beloved child;
I hold my head up
courageously —
for if God is with me,
who can be against me?

Though my father and mother
forsake me,
God, my God,
remains ever-faithful
and I shall never be afraid.