Children of God

When the going gets tough, we need to remember just Whose beloved children we are.

Jesus said ....

Time and again our Lord Christ said, "Do not be afraid." It is not that there are no dangers in the world, it is that, ultimately, they have no power.

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God Will Protect by Deborah Beach Giordano

A Prayer in Time of Trouble

The Beloved is my guide and my life
so there is no one to fear.
The Beloved is my shelter
from every storm and danger
so nothing can frighten me.

When evildoers attack
with biting remarks
and sarcastic comments,
seeking to tear me down,
they will trip and fall.

Even if I am set upon
by a legion of devils,
I won’t lose my nerve;
I may be encircled by foes,
yet I will stay strong.

I ask only one thing of my God,
the goal I will always pursue:
to live a life of awareness
mindful of the countless glories,
and possessed of a thankful heart.

Hidden under the brightling wing
trouble will never find me;
nestled in downy softness,
secure on holy ground,
no predator can hurt me.

From the divine perspective
my enemies hold no power;
they are mere pests, not pestilences,
easily brushed aside
with the wave of a hand.

I arise with radiant courage
and look down upon
every trial, trouble,
and lurking temptation;
with God beside me
I will overcome them all.

In gratitude or longing,
whether chanting dirges
or singing hymns of thanksgiving,
in sunshine or in shadow,
I lift up my voice to You.

My heart will not be still,
it flutters with ceaseless longing,
to always and forever,
O Most-Glorious One,
be near to You.