A Quiet Witness

All the earth worships You and sings praises to You; they sing praises to Your name.
    ~ Psalm 66:4

Unintentional Gardening

Gardens also serve to remind us to be careful of what sorts of seeds we sow as we make our way in the world. Do we freely dispense seeds of compassion and kindness, or toss around weed seeds that choke out good plants?

Photo of a flower

The Garden Revelation by Deborah Beach Giordano

The Lesson in the Garden

How lovely is our world, O Lord,
this glorious earth
on which we live!
How blessed are Your children, Lord,
to dwell in such a place!

Here, beneath our feet,
O Lord,
so often scorned,
and — literally —
the miracle of life begins.

Deep in the soil,
hidden from our sight
like pearls
within the sea,
seeds nestle
until a signal
from within
an ecstatic

An exquisite
to a brightness
though not yet seen,
reaching deep
within the fertile darkness
nourishing its desires,
sustaining its strength.

bean plant, grown

to the rhythm of becoming
— the gentle pulse of life
all creation knows —
it makes its way
through a foreign landscape;
ever forward,
never fearful,
until at last
it gives forth
a green and verdant hallelujah.