Transforming Prayer

Sometimes God changes us even as we pray, providing understanding, giving us courage to face our fears, and strengthening our resolve.

Against False Courage

Being people of faith doesn't mean we utterly fearless, always. There are times when fear serves a useful purpose: warning us away from dangers and possible harm. To charge ahead thoughtlessly is foolhardy, to cower in mindless fear is soul-destroying.

In genuine, completely honest dialog with God, we can let down our defences and come to terms with what is truly worrying us, then determine how to proceed.

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Prayer for Protection by Deborah Beach Giordano

Like a Rabbit Pursued by Hounds

Inspired by Psalm 56

Holy God, protect me —
for troubles pursue me relentlessly,
like hounds after a hare.

They band together;
they lie in wait;
they follow my footsteps;
they seek my life.

I take shelter in your Shadow,
panting and frightened,
my heart pounding in my ears.

There is nowhere else, Eternal One, for me to go;
there is no one else, Patient Friend, who will understand.

Here all noise and tumult is very far away;
here where all is still and quiet
I can rest and breathe and think.
Here I am safe and secure, free from all distractions.

In Your Presence, I am no longer afraid,
for nothing can harm me.
There are no fearsome future what-ifs
or lingering past regrets,
only the glorious eternal Now.

Though evils may scratch at my doorway,
though they snarl and growl and howl,
when I call to You they will slink harmlessly away —
I am held securely in Your heart.

Whatever may come my way,
I will not falter or fail or flee.
I place my trust and stake my life on You.

Your powerful love infuses my soul with courage,
gives my spirit strength,
and makes me jump for joy.