A Quest for the Holy

Spiritual direction is about the search for the Holy, the Center, the Ground of our Being. It is an aspect of the quest for wisdom, love, understanding and strength.

When considering direction ...

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~ Spiritual Direction ~


Spiritual direction has an ancient pedigree: in preChristian Europe the anmchara was the "spiritual counselor" for the chieftain and clan; early Christian ascetics (the word means "trainers") provided encouragement and guidance for seekers; in medieval times the art was called "holy listening", and "nourishing the Spirit."

A "Hearing" Aid

Spiritual Direction enables you to pay attention to the Spirit's call — to God's personal communication to you. Direction provides encouragement and training so you may effectively respond to that call.

Spiritual direction assists and guides you in your work as a healer, teacher, as a holy person who brings comfort to this troubled world.

You would not be reading this if you had not already heard God's call to you. How are you going to respond?

Individual Responsibility

The term "direction" should not be taken to imply that I control or take charge of your spirituality. There are a variety of other terms that may be more helpful, such as life coach, spiritual mentor, faith guide, soul friend. My work is to encourage, to assist, and to teach: the real work is done by you (and The Spirit).

Sheepdogs & Spiritual Direction

sheepdogOne of my favorite images of a spiritual director is that of a sheepdog; protecting those who come to me, providing a safe place where you may speak honestly and openly: where you may question, complain, pray, praise, and plan. Direction is not a place of criticism or condemnation, but of exploration, discovery, and encouragement.

The Ultimate Director

sheepdogA sheepdog is alert, attentive, patient, protective, and persistent, and also knows that she is not the one in charge. God is the ultimate spiritual director. This means trusting the Spirit: believing that "all things work together for good", and allowing time, God and you to work things out.

A Companion on the Journey

As your Director, I walk with you as we explore the ways in which God is at work in your life. In addition to our time spent together in conversation and prayer, I recommend exercises, meditations, prayer techniques, and reading materials to help you develop and strengthen your spiritual practices.

Sacred, confidential

Your life and spiritual journey are sacred, and are treated as such: held with tenderness and compassion. All issues and concerns shared within direction are held in confidence.

The Details

Typically, Spiritual Direction sessions are held once or twice each month. There is a sliding scale fee, and no one is ever turned away.

In the tradition of the soul friend, we meet together in my home in Castro Valley or your home, if you prefer. Arrangements can also be made to connect via telephone.

For further information, or to make an appointment, email me