A Forever Friend

Our pets are as dear to us as family; for some people they are the only family. Their love sustains us, their deaths are almost unbearably painful.

We honor their lives as a holy gift, tenderly sending them on their way with blessings and gratitude. As we grieve we take comfort in the memories of the love and joy they gave to us — these will be with us forever.

The Scripture

Isaiah 60:1–6
reinterpreted by Deborah

Come out of hiding! Show yourself! Let your light shine; for the Lord is with us, the radiance of God has come to us.

People stumble through life, blinded by confusion, hatred, and fear; but holy wisdom will illuminate you like the sunrise, and divine compassion warm your heart like the noonday sun.

Your joy will draw others to you, your courage will strengthen them, your faith will inspire them. You will be a shining bright star on a dark and dismal night.

Look around and see the many lost and lonely who are searching; they wander far and wide, seeking they know not what.

Open your heart and let love stream in, then let it pour forth like a mighty stream. Your joy will be complete, for love is powerful and never-ending: Life’s origin and Source that cannot be depleted.

Love is greater than all earthly riches: against such a treasure nothing else can compare.

Photo of a flower

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Cat    

a departing blessing and thanksgiving

Good-bye, my old friend,
I see you now,
through my tears
as you were
when we first met;
your eyes bright
with new-born curiosity
and age-old wisdom;

your heart strong
with vibrant health
and boundless love;

even in youth
your were poised
and possessed of serene
and certain

and throughout
your long life
you graciously
accepted our offerings
and adoration
as was only right
and fair
for one
with such a regal past.

You kept
your own counsel,
never revealing
all that you had seen
and knew;
a faithful
and noble guardian,
keeping watch
and holding confidences.

Loyal companion,
ever-present and patient
in times of need,
always ready to listen,
to comfort,
and reassure
with love
too deep
for words ...
how can I say

My final gift to you —
the last true measure
of my faith,
a paltry return
to your lifelong dedication —
is to be with you
as your precious soul
that vital essence
to another place.

Good-bye, my old friend,
until we meet again
I will hold you
as I hold you now,
in my heart —
where you live
in perfect health,
and radiant beauty

Dedicated to all the cats who’ve ever loved and been loved.

Gentle Recommendation: In time, give prayerful consideration to honoring your friend by giving shelter in your heart and home to another fur companion.