At certain times, in certain situations, we can grow tired of waiting for the outcome we desire — and so we tell the One Who Listens how we feel.

The Scripture

Psalm 13
as told by Deborah

How long, O Lord? Are You going to ignore me forever?

How long must I wrestle with my worries and fight against my fierce fantasies?

There are days when my worst impulses are winning.

I need some help here, God.

Give me some insight or I swear I’ll go crazy, and then my enemy will have won! I can just imagine their celebrations.

But I trust in You, O Gracious Source of Love and salvation. I trust that You will keep me safe from my foes, and protect me from myself.

And I remember all of my many blessings, and give thanks to You.

Photo of a flower

How Long, O Lord? Sometimes you need to ask.

A Prayer of the Impatient

O God, what’s taking so long?
It seems like forever.

I know, I know:
is a virtue,
it builds character …
but don’t I have enough already?
Character, that is;
not patience —
there’s plenty of room
for improvement
in that category,
I know, I know.

But I’m tired
of waiting
and wondering
and wishing.
Something’s gotta give.
Doesn’t it?
not me.

This chews at me
like fleas
on a dog.
And no matter
how hard I try,
I still scratch.
Which only
makes it worse.

When you’re up against
an insoluble problem,
“give it to God,”
they say.


They aren’t me,
that’s for sure.

I’m more inclined
to throw myself
on the floor,
kick my feet,
and yell:
“O God, what’s taking so long?!”
just like I’m doing.
Except for the kicking,
but that may happen
any day now.

So what is the hold up?
Why the delay?
Is it a test
of my faith;
whether I can
move mountains?

So far
I’m batting zero
on that front.

Or is it a challenge
to see if I trust
to believe
that all will be well…..
in the end?

That’s tough to imagine
especially now.

let me quote the Psalmist
who, in a similar situation,
called out to You:
“Let me see justice
in the land of the living.”

Or, in modern translation:
“O God, what’s taking so long?!”

I’m sitting here