Medical Adventures

It requires courage and trust to undergo medical treatments. It is like stepping into a foreign land; there is a different landscape, a different language, even a different sense of time.


How can we sing a song of the Lord in a foreign land?

We sing to remember; to remember God’s gracious history, a history of miracles and manifestations, of light in the darkness, water in the desert, of salvation when all seemed lost.

We sing a song of the Lord in a foreign land for courage, for hope, and for joy!

~ Psalm 137:4-6, dbg

Photo of a flower

Prepared sort of
I think...

Ready to Begin

Well, God, here I am:
transcribed, tagged, and targeted;
ready for anything.


Not really ready,
and definitely not
ready for anything.

What I am
all of these forms
and papers
and people
and matter-of-fact
descriptions —
and cleaner-than-clean
with linoleum floors
that smell funny
and make me feel
even scared-er.

A little dirt,
a few dust bunnies,
and scatterings of pet hair
would be nice;
some homey and reassuring
would really help
calm my nerves.

Oh —
and while You’re at it:
I’d like to know
it’s going to turn out.

is so nice,
so professional,
so calm
and confident…

but they’re
over there —
on the other side
of the desk,
across the room,
behind the glass,
adjusting meters,
taking notes,
doing —

while I
am the one
being done to.

It’s different
over here;
I am consigned
to wait and see
and wait
and wait
and wait
it’s hard to be patient
and harder
to be a patient.

It’s hard
to quiet the whirlwind
of what-ifs
and worries;
it’s difficult
beyond telling
to find peace
when it’s so
damned hard
to find the right
to get where
I’m supposed to be.

There’s noise
inside my head
like an old-time teletype
clicking and clacking away,
so it is hard to hear
what people say;
it creates
a kind of deafness
that pushes me
inside myself,
into a deeper Center

but not lonely.

I can be still
and silent,
by the furor,
finding me
in the midst
of You:
and trusting.

Well, God, here I am.
And here You are.


Dedicated to all those who are dealing with “medical adventures” of every type and kind.