Dangerous Enemies

Our own fears can be our worst enemies.

Confirming the Truth

With God's help there is nothing we cannot overcome.

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God Our Guardian A Prayer to Banish Fear

I am Safe

God is on my side, I am safe.
The Beloved will not let my fears overcome me.

When terrors arise
to consume my thoughts and haunt my nights,
my Guardian will banish them.
In the light of Christ’s love
these fiends are revealed as mere phantoms;
insignificant, pale and powerless.

Though worries lay siege like an army,
I will not be afraid.
The great battle is against my own worst imaginings;
if I rely on God my confidence will be restored.

Above all else, I want to feel God’s presence in my life;
to be given eyes to see holy beauty everywhere I look;
to be given the wisdom and understanding
that I may “in all things, praise the Lord” —
for He will keep me safe and snug in His arms, come what may.

From my beginning to my ending, God is with me
and will never let me go.

My Beloved lifts up my heart into the heights.
God’s goodness is so great that I laugh out loud;
encircling angels join in, their chuckles fill the air.
Together we dance and sing praises to the Source of Endless Joy.

Listen, Lord, for I am calling to You; answer me kindly.
My heart longs for You, You who are my help and my salvation.

Others may shrug their shoulders in helpless confusion,
all earthly help may fall away,
but You, my God and my dearest Friend, will stay by my side.

Your Path, O Holy One, is the way of peace and serenity.
Lead, Kindly Light, and I will follow —
You take me far away from all that is frightful, fearful, and mean.
Lead me to that place of perfect, holy stillness:
that eternal, blessed Centerpoint of All the Love that Is.

I know that God’s goodness shall be revealed to me,
here and now, again and again.

Radiant Lord, make me patient and courageous,
faithful and persistent;
lift my spirits up to that heavenly tier
where I may catch a glimpse
of the glorious Reality
that moves the earth and the stars.