Blessing the Place

As we enter into a new place, we clear away any dust and cobwebs, and invite in all that is good and grace-filled to abide with us.

This blessing may be said when moving into a new home or office, or for any new beginning. It is often helpful to "refresh" a place after there have been troubles, sickness, or sorrow.

Additional Suggestions

Naming names. During the section of the prayer which begins "Light of the World," name those who will be living here and include any special concerns.

Lighting a candle. Traditionally associated with the presence of the Holy Spirit, the lighting of a candle is a nice way to begin the ritual. It brings our attention to this place, this work, and the radiant love that lights our lives.

Incense. Another traditional element of blessings and religious ceremonies, there are a number of fragrances to choose from. Sage is commonly used as incense ("smudging") in a number of cultures, lavender is also a good choice. Use with caution: many people have a low tolerance for strong scents, and smoke can provoke asthma and allergic reactions.

Room by Room. You may wish to walk through the house and pronounce a blessing in each room following the initial prayer, saying: "Here, also, the blessing extends."

Concluding the blessing. Extinguish the candle and incense (if used) and remain quiet for a few moments in silent thanksgiving.

Celebrate! Wherever we are, the Beloved, friend of our souls, guardiant of our lives, is present with us.

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Home Blessing by Deborah Beach Giordano

Blessing this Place

Bringer of Light,
peace —
in Your Name
we call powerful angels
to surround this place;
encircle this hearth,
this home,
this house
with healing,
wholesome grace.

Source of Goodness,
in Your Name
let life and light
flow in abundance,
filling every room,
illuminating every space,
driving out all darkness,
exorcising any wicked imps
and washing away
all residual energy.

Light of the World,
bring forth
what is best
in us, in all we do;
let the radiance
of the souls
residing here
shine forth
in all their brilliance,
and strong.

We bless this hearth,
this home,
this house
in the power,
under the authority,
and in the Name
of the Almighty Trinity:
and Sanctifying Spirit

and with faithful confidence
in that Name
we assert
all shall be well,
all shall be well,
all and every thing
shall be well.