Patience, Patience

It is hard to wait for God's response to our prayers. This psalm gives us a little perspective on patience.

A Different Perspective

When we look at our own situation from a different perspective, we can often see others' situations with more understanding and compassion, too.

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An Impatient Prayer by Deborah Beach Giordano

Why So Long?

Inspired by Psalm 63

O God, my God;
I seek you anxiously,
like a rain-drenched dog
whining at the door.

Come on!
What is the hold-up?
Why so long?
Can’t you hear me?

I am abandoned,
cold and lonely,
on the outside
looking in.

I hope again
for days of glory;
warmed by the fire
snoozing in a cozy bed.

Ages pass
and my faith wavers,
I listen closely
to hear Your voice.

My heart grows weary
my head is heavy;
my eyes downcast,
I sigh in deep despair.

Then all at once
the whole world changes;
I see your face
and leap with joy.

I am admitted
into your presence,
my very soul
dances with delight.

“What’s all that noise?
Why all the uproar?
You silly creature,
I was right here, all along.”

You hadn’t really left me
it was just a moment,
but, in dog years,
it seemed a long, long time.

Such an adventure!
I’m glad it’s over;
now safe by Your side
I’m home and dry.

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