Honesty is the Best Policy

When we confess ourselves to God we aren't telling the Holy One any new facts. God already knows us, through and through.

Confession is an opportunity to admit to ourselves what we have done and what we have left undone. It is a time to ask for God's guidance and help so we may grow into the beautiful beings we were designed to be.

Safe and Free

In the Presence of the Holy One
we are safe and secure.
There is no need to lie
or make excuses.

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to Confession

Inspired by Psalm 32

Happy are they whose sins are forgiven;
who have made their confession to God.

Happy are they who are friends of God;
well-known to the Holy One
as fair and honest;
those who do not indulge in lies.

While I was silent,
I was a mess in body and soul.
I was miserable and anxious;
nothing was right,
nothing could bring me peace or joy.

Each day was an eternity;
it took every ounce of my strength
to sustain the illusion
that all was well with me.

Then I spoke the truth to You, merciful God.

I admitted my faults,
my mistakes,
my sins:

I told You about my greed,
my hatred,
and my envy.

I said,
“Lord, I am as imperfect a soul
as ever walked the earth,”
and You released my heart from its chains.

I’m telling you, people:
Be honest and open in your prayers,
tell the truth to God
and stop deluding yourself;
then, no matter what happens,
you will never be afraid.

God is our Guardian and our Lover.

In the Presence of the Holy One
we are safe and secure.
Free from the need to lie
or make excuses,
we can take a good look at who we are
and what we hope to become.

“I will teach you, and lead you.
I will advise you
and keep you under My watchful gaze.”

Don’t be pigheaded —
unwilling to listen or be taught,
or you will never hear
what the Spirit has to say.

The wicked suffer endlessly,
but those who put their trust in God
find peace and delight.

Take comfort in the Eternal One
and rejoice, dear honest souls;
shout for joy, all you whose hearts are true.