Greeting the Day

Some of us are not "morning people."

At the Right Time

All that the Creator designed was pronounced "very good." Whether we are larks or owls (or somewhere in between) we can serve our holy purpose with grace and beauty. Sometimes it just takes a while for us to get started!

Photo of a flower

The Owl's
Morning Prayer by Deborah Beach Giordano

At Dawn's Light

Oh God, it's morning
Late last night
before I went to sleep
I had big plans
great ideas,
and lots of energy
to go along with them.

Now, in the frail light
as I blink
myself awake
the dreams disappear;
projects loom large,
like climbing Everest
using just your claws and beak.

I get tired
just thinking about it.

I need a lifeline, Lord,
and a good swift yank
to pull me
from my bed,
into the midst
of all that is -
and I know
there’s a whole lot
of “is” out there….

for which I feel
utterly unprepared.

Holy One,
I pray that things
will look different
in an hour
or two;
that my nighttime visions
will be transformed
into daylight deeds
of kindness
and compassion;

that the possible
can become the real.

owl in flight:Oh God, it’s morning
give me strength
to face the day,
awaken my spirit
to what I can do,
help me to stretch
my wings
and fly.