Have You Gone Away?

When we do not hear God's voice, have we been abandoned? Has God given up on us? Or is there something else going on?

When It Is Just Too Quiet

I am suddenly aware of the sound of "nothing" going on.

Photo of a flower

When God
is Silent

God's Silence

It has been quiet lately,
Gracious Beloved ....
Too quiet.


I feel like a mom
who suddenly hears
the thundering silence
when her kids
have disappeared
into another room;
that special sound
of something going on,
that is guaranteed
to be described
as “nothing”
by the participants.

And when I call out
to You,
that’s the answer
I’ve been getting:
Why is it so quiet?
What are You doing?

Yet I know —
I can feel it,
deep within my bones —
You’re not doing nothing,
for You are never idle,
You’re always into something;
rearranging furniture,
playing in the mud,
coloring on the walls,
and picking flowers in the garden.

even in the silence;
thinking and wondering,
and watching carefully,
attentive to all
who come and go,
answering each prayer
that’s spoken,
even the smallest
sparrow’s call.


even in the stillness
of a sultry afternoon;
the possible,
the improbable,
our hearts
with hope.

It has been quiet lately,
Radiant Lord of the earth ...
but not,
as I now realize,
too quiet.

sprinkler rainbows

For You wrap Yourself
in silence
so we will stop
and listen;
You hide Yourself
in plain sight
so we will seek
and find You.

Why is it so quiet?
What are You doing?
Waiting for me
to look for You.