Relief and Rejoicing

There are people, events, tasks, and obligations that can drain our energy and drag down our souls. There are times when endings are occasions of relief and rejoicing.

Responses and Responsibility

We are told that, as Christians, we are to be forgiving, loving, and endlessly compassionate. Those behaviors are desirable, and necessary for our mental health — but not everyone responds with an echoing love. We can bless those things and release them to God's gracious power. It isn't up to us to "fix" every thing and everybody.

Photo of a flower

A Prayer
of Understanding by Deborah Beach Giordano

When the End is a Blessing

Oh God, my God,
I know how I’m supposed to feel:
the regret, the grief,
the longing and despair…
and yet here I am, rejoicing.

Yes, rejoicing.

Here I am: giving thanks
with all my heart
and soul
and mind
and strength.

I am free.

That which is hateful and hurtful is gone;
the source of angst
and obligation is no more.

I am free.

No longer will I carry
the weight of unreasoning expectations,
the burden of disappointments,
the obligation to be grateful.

I am free.

As fresh as a newly-blossomed daisy:
as bright as the morning sunrise;

I am free.

As light as a feather,
my spirit soars
with new-found optimism and delight;

I am free.

Floating like a cloud,
as peaceful as a sleeping kitten,

I am free.

I am free to give thanks —
thanks for all that is,
for all that was,
for all that is yet to be.

I am free;
free to be strong,
and understanding.

I am free;
free to be who I am,
and beloved.

All is well,
all is well,
all shall be well;
and forever.