God in the Shadows

What is hidden from our sight may be the most beautiful of all.

The Scripture

Song of Songs 1:2-8
reinterpreted by Deborah

The Soul and her Lover

Kiss me full on the lips, like lovers reunited after a long separation! For your love is better than wine: restoring my strength, delighting my heart, making me forget my sorrows; healing every hurt.

Call me to you, don’t delay! And there we will celebrate; for in your presence there is the fullness of joy. We will celebrate without ceasing. For your love is greater than all others.

Your eyes cannot yet behold me, O most beautiful dancer, but I have cherished you from your conception; you are more precious to me than jewels, your love is sweeter than honey.

Tell me, you whom my soul loves, where can I meet you, how can I find you? For I have lost the way, though I seek you, night and day.

O fairest beloved, gaze into the darkness and there you will find me, in the depths I will embrace you; do not fear the shadows, for I shall be with you; there is nowhere you can go that I will not be.

Photo of a flower

The Lovely Darkness by Deborah Beach Giordano

inspired by the first verses of the Song of Songs


I am black but lovely...

I am the darkness
which calls to you;
the forgotten dreams
of your sleep;
the deep silence
between your heartbeats;
I am the Love
that will not let you go.

I am the fragrance
of roses yet to bloom;
the taste of delights
I am the cry
of ecstasy;
I am the summons
of eternity.