Unreasonable Expectations

An injury, an illness, a diagnosis — these can be extremely scary things. At such times well-meaning people can say really stupid things: "Don't worry." "You'll be fine." "Keep a positive attitude." Now you're obliged to stay upbeat and cheery, in addition to focusing on getting well.

Telling the Truth to God

The Holy One does not want lies or false optimism. As a Mighty Fortress and Tender Sanctuary, the Eternal hears and understands your fears, your anger, your worries. There is no need to pretend: speak your truth in prayer.

Photo of a flower

Health Issues

Some Honesty

OK, Lord, this totally sucks.
I am not liking it at all.
I am frightened,
I am anxious,
I am impatient.
I want a happy
and prompt resolution;
no delays,
no dawdling —
a right-this-minute
quick fix.

People are going to say
it is a time of learning;
an opportunity
to develop my faith
and grow my spirit.

That may be so, but I don’t wanna.

My internal three-year-old
is on the floor,
kicking and screaming —
having a real hissy-fit.
It isn’t fair,
it isn’t right.

Why can’t someone else do this instead???

OK, Lord,
You’ve listened to my tantrum,
and now I’ll stop;
I'll take a deep breath,
and then another,
and try to calm my frazzled nerves.

In the silence of these few moments,
I can feel Your enlivening Spirit
here in my breath —
sustaining my earthen form.

When I inhale
we intermingle,
my whole being flooded
with the power of Your love —
I breathe out
and in that instant
I join in the dance
with all who have ever lived.

Another in-breath
and once again
Your love suffuses all I am
with all You are.

Constantly, eternally,
we are together,
never separate,
not once,
not even for an instant,
are we apart.

OK, Lord, now I remember:
it is well,
always well,
with my soul.