Feeling Lost and Alone

This prayer is about feeling very lonely and afraid. Where can we find comfort when things are going badly, former friends spread rumors, enemies sneer, and the neighbors avoid us?

Profound Sadness

It feels as if I've been unhappy all my life:
my memories filled with tears,
my heart perpetually broken.
I am exhausted in body, mind, and spirit.

Photo of a flower

A Prayer
from a Low Place

A Cry for Help

Psalm 31 as interpreted by Deborah

Holy God, save me!
Don't let my faith be misplaced.
Help me, now!

Protect me,
keep me as safe as a clam at high tide,
as a house built upon a rock,
as an eaglet beneath her mother's wings.

I believe in Your unfailing love,
and put my trust in Your tender compassion
to get me out of this hateful place,
to free me from this trap.

duckling refugeYou are my refuge;
my shelter,
my sanctuary.
In You I am safe.

Those who worship wealth or power
get no help from You.

The time will come
when I will smile again,
when I will laugh and sing
and see hope for the future.

For You have seen the trouble I am in,
You understand the evil that threatens me,
and know those who wish me ill.
You have helped me regain my balance.

Merciful God, hold me close,
comfort and strengthen me.
I am so miserable,
frightened, and sad.

It feels as if I've been unhappy all my life:
my memories filled with tears,
my heart perpetually broken.
I am exhausted in body, mind, and spirit.

everyone leaves

My enemies sneer: writing me off as a lost cause,
the neighbors hurry indoors,
co-workers ignore my messages,
people on the street avert their eyes.

It's as if I've died
and everyone knows it but me;
I'm useless, ignored, avoided.
Worse yet — pitied.

I can hear their voices:
"Isn't it awful?" "How horrid!" "What a shame."
Buzzing whispers all around —
yet no one speaks to me.

There is no help from human beings:
no one cares how I am feeling,
no one asks what they can do,
no one seems to want to listen.

But You, O Holy Beloved, are always with me.
You never turn away.
You hear my silent prayers
and have compassion on my unwept tears.

You are my God: my defender and friend.
You remain when everyone else has gone.
You forgive when everyone else condemns.
You bless when everyone else curses.

Hold me close, O dear God,
let me feel Your firm embrace;

And let me see justice:
let evildoers and cheats be found out;
reveal their brazen lies,
confuse their wicked plots
and cast their ill-gotten gains into the sea.

safe under wing

O my Delight, source of abundant joy,
what wonders You have given to us!
The beauty that surrounds us,
the love that lights our lives!

You have protected us from harm,
despite the schemes of the hateful,
the grasping of the greedy,
the deceits of lying tongues.

You are my Redeemer and my God:
I am safe and secure in Your midst,
wrapt-round like a city on a hill,
whose walls shall never be broken.

When I was swallowed up by fear and despair,
thinking You had abandoned me —
You called my name
and brought comfort to my soul.

snuggledListen, everyone, to what I'm saying:
put your trust in God alone,
for only God will keep you safe,
only God can bring you Home.

Keep the faith, be kind and good,
and do not be afraid.