A Most Dangerous Time

When everything seems to be happening at once — too much, too fast, we are at risk of making impulsive, sometimes dangerous, decisions. We are inclined to react, rather than reflect. There is always enough time for a moment of prayer.

A Breath Prayer

There is a practice of prayer which can calm and inform us. Here is my variation:

Begin by slowly inhaling while praying: "Holy, holy, holy God," and, as you slowly exhale, "Heaven and earth are filled with your glory." At the next breath, "Fill me with your Holy Spirit," and exhale, "and guide me in the way to go."

Repeat several times in a row (at least 5 times), and often throughout the day.

Photo of a flower

In Times of Chaos by Deborah Beach Giordano

When Chaos Surrounds Me

Merciful God,
You who brought forth
the marvels
of creation
from out of chaos,
lift me up
so that I
do not succumb
to the chaos
that surrounds me.

Clear my mind
of all the clutter,
disjointed thinking,
and needless worries;
help me to focus
on what is important,
to understand
the consequences
of my choices,
and to accomplish
what is necessary.

Eternal, Holy God,
make me ever-mindful
of the Path
that leads to You;
that I may be strong
in my faith,
loving in my actions,
just and fair
in my decisions.

Dearly Beloved,
keep my heart safe:
warm, tender, and strong;
so I will not discard
in the interest
of convenience,
or compromise fairness
in pursuit of efficiency,
and that I never mistake
earthly riches
for wealth.

Shine Your light
on all plans,
and proposals;
every illusion,
and lie,
that their true nature
will stand revealed.

Most of all, Precious Lord,
shine that Light on me:
just who I am;
and who I’m called to be.

Infuse my soul
with Your great Spirit,
inflame my heart
with Your transforming love
so I may do Your will;
and walk in Your Way
now and in all the days to come.