Mindful Faith

Many of us look for God's fingerprints in the dawn, in the darkness, in the flowers and forests; we expect to see holiness revealed in nature. How often do we look for holiness within humanity?

The Scripture

Psalm 113
interpreted by Deborah

Give praise, O God’s wise servants; praise to the One who gives us life.

God is with us, now and forever: in the earliest flecks of the dawn and the obsidian recesses of the night. In all things, let us give thanks.

The Holy One is beyond the slanders and slurs of parties and politics, far from the thrashing and clashing of cliques and clubs and classes. God sees us, and knows us, and loves us.

The Eternal lifts up the lowly, and raises the forsaken from the ash heap, that all may sit together: one people, one family, in which there is no separation or favoritism.

God’s goodness reaches to the farthest stars and across the whole earth.

Give praise, O God’s wise servants!

Photo of a flower

Reflection by Deborah Beach Giordano
September 5, 2016

Unseen Blessing-Bearers

In years gone by
my father
would leave a gift
upon the lidded altar
of the household trash
when it exceeded
the aluminum-encircled limits:
a six-pack of beer —
an offering to the garbage gods.

Unseen and rarely heard,
these magical beings
make ugliness disappear:
or unwanted;
gone and forgotten,
vanishes into thin air.

Redeemers of our spoilage,
removing every trace
of all that we have done;
taking upon themselves
the stink and the sludge,
the flies and the filth
that would
bury us.

Ignored and unheralded,
occasionally mocked
and often scorned,
our health
and safety.

Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,


Suggested Spiritual Exercise

Who do you not see?