In Troubling Times

When we are overwhelmed by life or world events, it is time for an honest, heart-felt conversation with God.

The Scripture

Psalm 27
and retold by Deborah

“Come,” my heart says, “seek God’s face!” I’m looking for You, God.

Show Yourself! Don’t let my anger blind me to Your presence, or my cries drown out Your voice, You, who are Ever-Present. Don’t let me stray from the Path, or become mired in despair, O Lover of my soul!

Even if my father disowns me, my mother condemns me, and my family casts me out, I am still and always God’s beloved child.

Teach me Your Way, All Compassion, and keep me on the path of love and light, no matter what my enemies may do. Don’t let their lies or hatred taint my faith in You, or their violence against me tempt me to follow suit.

I believe that I shall see the goodness of God — enlivened and embodied here, in this world of ours.

Don’t give up, O my soul; be brave and trust in God’s love! For if the Source of Life is beside me, who can do me harm? If I am held in Limitless Love, what is there to fear?

When evildoers attack me — enemies of life and joy — their plans shall fail. They may be carrying guns and explosives, weapons to kill and maim — I will remain confident of my worth.

All I ask, all I desire, is to be loved and cherished; to be recognized as a child of God, beloved and precious to the Creator of life.

For love will encircle me when hatred arises, kindness will shield me from slurs and ugly slogans, compassion will lift me up when my heart is weighted down.

I am not afraid, though my enemies may surround me, instead I will sing with joy to the God of Creation: I am a grand and glorious, holy work of Art.

I give You thanks, O Source of Life, for all that I am, and together, let us rejoice!


Photo of a flower

Reflection by Deborah Beach Giordano
June 13, 2016

A Conversation with God

After learning of the horrific attack on the folks in Orlando, I sat down and had a talk with God. Here is a transcript of our conversation (black text are my comments, red the divine replies):

“Come,” my soul says, “look to God!” ~ the Scripture passage I turned to.

I am looking for You, O Beloved, in the darkness and the dying, in the cries and the bleeding, in the pain and fear and grieving.

My heart is a fortress: beyond sorrow, beyond pity, a hallowed cavern where the dead take shelter: here they are safe, here all is calm, no one can hurt them now.

Where were You?

I was there, as I am here. The first bullet struck Me, it was My bones that were shattered, My blood that spilled across the floor. I cried and wept and held My children in my arms as they died. It was My screams that were heard.

Why did it happen, O Lord?

Death stalks My loved ones, evil seizes every chance to destroy what I have wrought; seeking to tear down and to frighten, to bring pain to times of joy. But I was there, as I am here.

You were there? Well.... A lot of good that did; they’re all dead, and their loved ones bereft!

I was dancing in their midst, laughing and giddy as at the dawn of Creation, rejoicing in their lives, their beauty, their delight… then the Destroyer struck. Evil is drawn to radiance — it hates, yet yearns for the Light.

So the Devil made him do it? Oh, please!

Oh, please, yourself! The devil is a handy human-construct to avoid admitting what people themselves have done. No, it was the man’s own wicked intent; a desire born of hatred and of envy, nurtured in a heart that had forsaken love.

But it hurts, oh God.

You’re telling Me: it hurts! And it is counter to all My plans — for life and peace and understanding hearts. How I long for your free will to be used to freely love!

Is that it? Just slog on, through the pain?

Remember that love has the last word. Don’t let the Destroyer’s efforts blind you to the beauty and gentle joys I send forth each day. Search your heart: what do you find?

Sorrow and compassion: it feels full of unwept tears.

That’s love on alert, ready to do its part. Put that love into action and you won’t go wrong.

Just love? That’s the way forward?

Yes, My dear child; that’s always been My Way.


Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,



This represents a dialogue that was carried on in my imagination. God’s speech remains in the Divine domain.

This Week’s Suggested Spiritual Exercise

Talk to God honestly about how you are feeling. (And listen to what you hear!)