Encountering God

It has been said that "no one can see God and live," yet it has been done. Instead we can say: No one who encounters the Radiant One can go back to life as it was. To see God — to meet the Beloved, heart-to-heart — is to be transformed: inspired, encouraged; reborn. Then it is no longer we who live, but God's gracious Spirit that lives in us.

The Scripture

Exodus 24:12-18
told by Deborah

God said to Moses, “Come up to Me on the mountaintop and wait, and I will give your people words to live by; that they may be My people.”

Moses told the people, “Wait here until I come back. In the meantime Aaron and Hur can settle any problems that come up.”

Then Moses and his assistant Joshua went up on the mountain.

For six days God’s radiance overshadowed the mountain. On the seventh day God called to Moses from out of the cloud.

To the people below it appeared as if the entire mountaintop was engulfed in flames.

Moses stepped into the cloud. He was there on the mountaintop for forty days and forty nights.

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~ Reflection ~ by Deborah Beach Giordano
February 26, 2017

Standing in the Presence

From the midst
of the great conflagration
he heard the call:
I Am here!
His heart leapt
with remembered
young again,
as agile
as a gazelle
across the hillside,
his body inflamed
with desire,

From the midst
to see
to draw near,
to reach out,
to touch —
all else mere dross —
to risk all,
to surrender all;
to be burnt up
in the radiance ….

this time there would be no hesitation, no timidity, no fear….

with yearning
for that Love
as strong as death;

he cried out
Here I Am!

And to those around him
it seemed as if he were alight with the glory of God.

Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,


Suggested Spiritual Exercises

What would it be like to be alight with the radiant glory of God?
What would it feel like?
How would you respond?