It is Finished

It seems particularly appropriate, as the U.S. Presidential campaigns end, to recall the last words of our Lord, "It is finished." Read on to see why.

The Scripture

Luke 6:31

Jesus said to his disciples, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

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Reflection by Deborah Beach Giordano
November 8, 2016

A New Beginning, we hope

Today the people of the United States of America will elect a new President — and, no matter who is chosen, a large percentage of the population will be disappointed; many will be angry, some will be outraged.

A number of us will be relieved that the campaigns are at an end, hopeful that the virulence of the past year will finally cease. And it must stop if our nation — and our planet — is to survive.

We have lost our humanity. Cruelty has replaced compassion, sneering has replaced civility, fear has destroyed hope. We have willingly, often enthusiastically, surrendered our hearts and minds to the cult of “us and them.”

And “they” are the enemy: fiendish plotters, devoid of morals, an army of evildoers, hellbent on our destruction. They are the villains, the bad guys, plain and simple.

We, of course, are the heroes. We are on the side of the angels.

Whose Side Are You On?

As those who are in the right, we do not owe those vile misanthropes anything, do we? After all, they have failed — fallen into the depths. They are irredeemable, beyond all saving, beneath our contempt and our caring.


I wonder whose side we are on when we behave with scorn and derision toward those who are different from ourselves. Who are we when we hate and crucify our “enemies”?

I seem to recall, some years back, a Man who was rejected, scorned, battered, and spat upon. Is it right for us to behave toward others in the same way as those who crucified our Lord?

Jesus said to his disciples, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

The Endless Crucifixion

I have always understood that the attacks against Christ Jesus symbolized the evil of inflicting suffering upon any human being. As that one life was extinguished, a light in the world went out.

When a single soul is harmed, God’s own self is wounded. In our hatred and our violence and our dreams of vengeance we do indeed have our Lord’s own blood on our hands.

How readily we join in with those who shout, “Crucify him!” How sure we are that it is well within our rights to judge, condemn, and scorn. How often we forget that we have been called to follow the Lord.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,


Suggested Spiritual Exercise

Do to others as you would have them do to you.