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Following the U.S. election, I offer this prayer for all of us.

The Scripture

Psalm 146
interpreted by Deborah

Rejoice in God, O my soul,
sing unending love songs
to the One who gives you life. Don’t put your faith in royalty,
in rulers,
or the rich —
they have no interest in you;

they deceive, betray, and walk away;
their power diminishes,
their strength weakens, they perish —
their plots and promises die with them.

The Way of Love
brings peace and joy;
calming the spirit,
healing the soul:
giving a sweetness to the lives
of those who dwell upon the earth.

Look around you and give thanks:
for the glorious jade green sea,
the whales’ tender crooning,
the whelks’ bubbling chorus,
the cranes’ whoops of joy,
and the dolphins’ dances of delight.

Look around you and give thanks:
for the mountains’ majesty,
the forests’ cool embrace,
the deer’s gentle greeting,
the rivers’ sparkling laughter,
the heartfelt hallelujah
proclaimed by the moose.

Look around you
and take account
of the goodness
and the graces
notice the kindnesses,
the kisses,
the shy smiles
and broad grins
of those who wish you well;

Take a deep breath
and listen:
hear the voices
of love and compassion;
behold the actions
of concern and care;
be at peace,
take heart,
and never,
never give in to despair.

God is in the details,
and in the wholeness, too;
when light and love
shine in your soul,
the world grows brighter
for others
as well as you.

Let us sing together,
lifting up our voices
in courageous hymns of praise,
for the God of life
who brought us here
is always by our side.


Note: The assurance “Do not be afraid,” is repeated over one hundred times in the Holy Scriptures.

Photo of a flower

Reflection by Deborah Beach Giordano
November 14, 2016

You Alone, O Eternal

You alone, O Eternal, are worthy of our praise;
in You alone we place our faith and trust;
on You alone do we rely.

When evil threatens to overwhelm us, You are our rock,
our fortress, our secure and solid Ground.

You are our Shelter amid the Storm;
our very-present Help;
You steady us when we slip and trip,
and raise us up when we fall.

You are the Peace-Bringer,
the Hope Restorer,
the Awakener
who summons us from deathly sleep;
the Faithful Lover
who will never turn away.

You are the Great Revealer,
the Fierce Truth-Teller;
Your fearless honesty
breaks down every lie, delusion, and deceit.

If we flee to the farthest reaches of the earth,
or hide ourselves in its coldest depths
You are there.

You are our God,
our Source of Strength and Wisdom;
the Sustainer of our souls,
the Guardian of our lives.

You are the deep and the celestial;
the radiant light and the infinite dark;
You are the hunger and the fullness;
the thirst and its quenching.

You are the tumult and the shouting,
the stillness and the quiet.
You are the song and the silence.

You are the All in All.

You alone, O Eternal,
are worthy of our praise;
in You alone we place our faith and trust;
on You alone do we rely.


Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,


Suggested Spiritual Exercise

In all things, for all things, begin with prayer.