Even There

Confronting the tragedies of the terrible fires throughout California and the western states. If God is Who and What we proclaim, we will find traces — even within the ashes.

Psalm 19
retold by Deborah

Heaven and earth proclaim God’s majesty
day after day and night after night.
It is revealed in silence,
yet is heard across the planet
and throughout the universe.

The sun arises like a bridegroom
after saying “I do,”
and joyfully crosses the sky,
filling the heavens with radiance
from dawn until dusk;
illuminating the earth,
shining on the good
and the bad,
withholding nothing.

God’s Way is perfect,
giving life to the soul,
joy to the heart,
and comfort to the spirit.

God’s teachings are simple,
easy to understand, wise and fair —
of greater value than the purest gold
or finest pearls;
sweeter than honey.
Not only that, they serve as a warning;
observing them is its own reward.

But how easy it is to ignore one’s own faults!
Forgive me of the sins and slip-ups
that I’ve failed to notice.

And keep me from smug self-assurance;
don’t let me become a pompous ass.

Accept this praise
and grant this prayer,
O Ground of my being
and Fount of my joy.


Photo of a flower

Reflection by Deborah Beach Giordano
October 9, 2017

An Affirmation of Life

The sun rose this morning.
The earth is still turning.
Day follows day,
night falls and then fades away;
life goes on.

within that unending pattern
is holy Wisdom.

It is whispered
in the soft silent moonlight,
and in the bright strands of the dawn;

it is proclaimed
in the sun’s noontime cantata,
in the dusky evening lullaby;

it echoes again and again
in the twinkling hymn
that the morning stars sing together.

It is the song
of eternity,
the affirmation
of life
after life,
of life
of life
rising from the ashes.

Searching for the Truth

This poem was inspired by photos of the devastation wrought by the wildfires that are raging throughout California, as well as in other western states. It reflects my struggle with what has and is happening; my fear, distress, and heartache.

Although our neighborhood has not been directly affected (prayers that this safe space remain!), many of those in our area have been: friends, family, coworkers, our mail carrier, our favorite cashier at the grocery store. And we ache; when one of us is wounded, we all bleed, when one of us sorrows, we all mourn.

If God is Who and What we proclaim, we will find traces — even within the ashes.

Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,


Suggested Spiritual Exercise

Pray for those affected by the fires, for the firefighters and first responders, and all creatures great and small. If you can give, remember, too, the displaced pets and livestock being cared for at local animal shelters.